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Be a Natural, Not a Social Robot

Have you ever noticed how guys that are naturally good with women often seem to be good with people in general?

In fact, if you observe these ‘naturals’ in a social setting, you’ll notice that it’s not only beautiful women that respond and gravitate toward them, but every single person that they come in contact with. While most amateur pickup artistes and seducers are out there trying to chat up the hotties, these naturals are focused on making everyone around them, hot girl or otherwise, feel special.

It’s hard to analyze and quantify what exactly makes a natural, and most of us aren’t lucky enough to inherently posses their social skills. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn. Which is where the whole pickup artist subculture and the seduction community comes in. Or so I like to believe.

However, somewhere down the line, things seem to have gone drastically wrong and given birth to the social robot.

Social robots are easy to spot. They’re usually the guys decked out in extravagant getups, jumping in front of women yelling “Stop!” and telling them that their noses wiggle when they laugh. They’re usually the ones whispering to each other about how they locked in with an HB8 while DHVing to HB7 just after they finished a trance pattern on HB10. While the truth is that they’re actually just creeping out everyone around them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge all schools of thought within the seduction community and recognize that most of them have their uses. For instance, opinion openers are great for guys that are so terrified of talking to strange women that they need a script to run to actually put themselves in a social situation with one.

But the problem arises when guys that just wanted a way to meet and connect with women get lost in techniques and theories and end up, well, robots that only seem to be able to spout lines and routines and nothing else.

So how do you avoid this trap? How do you follow the path of a natural and escape the trap of becoming a social robot? Well, the first and most crucial step is to move past lines and routines, and instead focus on a certain way of being.

You see, to really be good with women, you need to be able to keep them interested with simple banter. So if you find yourself panicking that you’ve run out of lines or routines, this is a sure sign that you need a serious change in strategy.

Use the lines and routines if you must to get yourself out of the starting blocks, but remember that real seduction isn’t about what you say or do. It’s about the way you are. So instead of focusing on digesting every single seduction manual and learning every routine in the pickup lexicon, focus on learning things, seduction related or otherwise, that will help you become a better man and a better human being.

And sooner or later you’ll find that seducing women becomes a joy and an everyday part of your life, and you’ll find that women seem to gravitate towards you without you even having to say a word.